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Pinoy Toons: Pinay Porn Game & Lbfm Sex Simulator

From Inside The Game

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The best Philippines porn game around

Hey there, and welcome to Pinoy Toons! Our team has been working around the clock for the last 3 years to curate one of the best Philippines-themed porn games the Internet has to offer. After living in the country for 6 months on an investment scouting adventure, I fell in love with the Philippines and in particular, the women that live there. As a result of that experience, I decided that when I got home, I'd create a porn gaming website devoted to the country! Let me just say that nothing beats a hot LBFM and when we put them into a game, it was obvious just how wild things were going to get. I've longed for a fresh taste of that little brown fucking machine adventure and now that I'm armed with a porn game themed around exactly that, it's glorious to say the very least! Addicts of South East Asia need to tune in immediately, if not sooner: this sex gaming quest is going to make you a very happy individual indeed. Sign up and try it out completely free of charge – you're not going to be disappointed once you see just how incredible Pinoy Toons is – that's a guarantee you can take to the bank!

Fully adaptive graphics engine

If you're running on an older machine but you still want to play modern games, it can sometimes come as a bit of a shock when they're incredibly slow, look awful or in some rare instances, simply won't work at all! The great thing about Pinoy Toons is that it has been built from the ground up with the express intention to make sure that everyone is able to access it. Our engine has a special system that allows it to detect bottlenecks and make a pruning effect to rid the screen of elements that are less important than others. For instance, real-time reduction in polygon count is one of our major features that allows for a slight reduction in visual quality to ensure seamless gameplay and consistent framerates. In addition to this, Pinoy Toons also allows you to play the game on your mobile device with a custom version designed exclusively for smaller screens. It was a lot of work to put this together, but since we wanted to have these sexy Pinay babes looking as delicious as possible, it was the only path we could go down. Twisting the arm of my development team to get this right was a challenge, but now we have full access for both PC and mobile users, we've never felt more confident in the game that we're releasing to everyone!

Cloud gaming at Pinoy Toons

Since all you need to access our game is a browser, this gives us the unique ability to frontload all of the classically local elements you're used to directly to our servers. What do we mean by this, exactly? Your saves are automatic and not only that, they're synchronized to the cloud. When you play this game, you won't need to worry about your power dying and you losing progress, or otherwise suffering extensively because you didn't remember to save after you 'finish' with a session. Our servers manage all of that for you so you can go in and out of a game without receiving any negative stimuli whatsoever. What's more, you also have 100 save state slots, allowing you to replay the game from different perspectives and making different choices along the way. This feature is particularly important because of how our title works: let's explain more about how your choices make a difference when gaming!

Decisions in Pinoy Toons matter

In many games, the choices you make simply won't determine what you're capable of doing and how you can complete the game: that's not the deal when it comes to PT. We've grabbed at the opportunity to create an interactive experience and ran with it to the point now where we think everyone is going to absolutely love where we are. The basic premise is that all decisions – be that big or small – will change how various NPCs interact with you and further to that, which ones you're able to have sexual relationships with. When you're in the big cities, you may find girls are more interested in your income, whereas the girls off on the islands in the middle of nowhere just want you to be physically powerful. Pinoy Toons allows you to design your character from the very beginning with a bunch of different metrics to ensure that you're getting a truly unique experience every time you retry. This includes the ability to pick a job, body type, intelligence levels and so on. As you progress, you'll also have the ability to pick different dialog options and engage in various activities to make your success with the ladies that little bit better. This is why having lots of save points is great: you'll want to go back and try different approaches all the time!

Sex simulator engine: our secret weapon

We don't mess around here at Greenhill Productions, which is why we mean it when we say that our sex simulation engine is probably the best on the market now. You'll have access to a whole suite of bells and whistles to control your interactions with NPCs and make them exactly how you want. It's a truly unique piece of gear and we're proud of how far along we've come to make it a modern piece of machinery that we can be proud of. The engine runs like a director studio that lets you call the shots on everything from lighting and sound through to speed, intensity, toy usage, cumshot location and so on. Pinoy Toons is taking the experience of controlling sex with Pinay babes to the next level. If you've ever wanted complete control over how an LBFM gets down and dirty with a big cock, this is the simulator for you! Try it out and you'll be amazed at just how incredible things can get.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and log into Pinoy Toons now to get the ultimate gaming experience!

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